Fork Lift Truck Training in Banbury


Forklift drivers are in high demand in industries across the UK. Forklift drivers, also known as industrial truck drivers, are in great demand all over the UK in industries where moving heavy objects is involved. Specific licensing is necessary for forklift drivers, which may be taught on site or be required prior to hiring in to a company or organisation.

Training Components:

Forklift training is composed of four elements: formal, practical, evaluation and certification. The formal component consists of classroom training of 1 ½ to 4 hours, while the practical component consists of hands-on skill-building on the forklift. The student's skills are then evaluated by the trainer, and if proficient, the student will take the final test that results in certification.

Training has three parts:

  1. Formal instruction such as a lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, videotape and or written material.
  2. Practical training which includes hands-on demonstrations by the trainer and exercises by the trainee.
  3. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the training by observing the operator’s performance while doing actual work. 

Different Types of Forklifts:

Counterbalance: is the most widely used forklift truck in operation. Available in different ranges, the counterbalance forklift truck has become a synonym to those familiar with storage & warehouse industry.

Reach forklift: trucks are a common type used in most industrial sectors. Available in specialist models, this forklift variety has helped in the utilisation of space, thus reducing cost for businesses everywhere.

HIAB: forklifts are designed for those who use truck mounted loader cranes. These can be very dangerous pieces of equipment if not used correctly so it essential to take a HIAB forklift training course to obtain the licence.

Moffett: invented the concept of the Truck-mounted Forklift more than 40 years ago; a load handling solution that has revolutionised the way materials are distributed across the globe. Moffett Forklifts are effective & Heavy duty.

Telehandler: forklift truck is known for its ability to reach heights that common forklift types are unable to reach. Telescopic forklift operation requires specialist training and knowledge of safety laws.

Other types of forklift training is available

Different Types of  Training:

  1. Novice:- No experience on the forklift or plant to be trained on;
  2. Experienced:- Has used forklift or plant but has never been trained or tested;
  3. Refresh/Retest:- has been trained and tested on the type of forklift or plant before; (Evidence or evaluation required)
  4. Conversion:- Has been trained and tested on one type of forklift or plant and requires training/Testing on different type; 

Timescales and Ratio:

The following training days are required to conform to the Requirements of Accredited Training:

  1. Novice:- 5 days with 3-1-1 Ratio*
  2. Experienced:- 3 days with 3-1-1 Ratio*
  3. Refresh/Retest:- 1 day with 3-1-1 Ratio*
  4. Conversion:- 1 day with 3-1-1 Ratio*

*Training days can be reduced if ratio is reduced, i.e. 2 candidates: 1 truck: 1 Instructor this can usually reduce training by a day BUT at the discretion of the instructor/examiner.

Please Note - HIAB (Lorry Loader) is different:

  1. Novice:- 2 days with 3-1-1 Ratio
  2. Experienced:- 1-2 days with 3-1-1 Ratio*
  3. Refresh/Retest:- 1 day with 3-1-1 Ratio

*depends on how much experience

Forklift Truck Training Courses

Basic Training (3-5 days)

This course will enable a driver with no forklift experience to progress through the course and on successfully passing the tests qualify them as a forklift operator certified RTITB The course involves both practical and theory training. They will receive training on the safe working practices applicable to forklift operations and sufficient practical training to ensure the operator is conversant and comfortable with the operating of the machines in a work environment.

Experience Operator Training (2-3  days)

This course is for existing operators with some previous experience of using a forklift truck but has not had the benefit of adequate, formal training in basic operating skills. The course will include theory instruction and assessment followed by practical operator training and assessment.

Refresher Training (1 day)

This course is for operators who are required to re-qualify.  This course again involves theory and practical training and on successful completion will result in the operator being certified by RTITB.

RTITB Card:  The delegate is registered on the RTITB website and is issued with a small card that is transferrable.

In Company Training

JLD can provide a wide range of additional courses to companies who need training to be carried out on specific trucks on their own site.