Initial Driver CPC Qualification

Anyone wishing to take up a career driving an HGV/LGV or PCV for hire and reward, having passed their car test on or after 1st January 1997 or between the ages of 18 and 21 will most likely have to take the Initial Qualification (check to find out if you are exempt first).

The initial Driver CPC Qualification is a European Union Directive that was introduced to:

  • Improve Road Safety.

  • Underpin and expand driver’s knowledge.

  • Ensure new drivers have an understanding of the industry and assist them in their new career as a professional driver.

The Initial Qualification is divided into 4 modules:

Modules 1a and 1b

Module 1a
This is a theory test consisting of 100 multiple choice questions relative to HGV/LGV or PCV (depending on which you are taking). To pass this you must answer at least 85 correctly.

Module 1b (Hazard Perception)
The Hazard Perception test consists of 19 clips with 20 score-able hazards. To pass this test you will be required to achieve a pass mark of at least 67 out of 100.

Modules 1a and 1b can be taken separately and in either order.

Module 2 (case studies)

A computer based test consisting of 7 real life scenarios. There are 50 multiple choice questions of which you must get at least 40 correct answers to pass.

Module 3 (practical driving test)

The practical driving test will include show and tell questions, reversing exercise and approximately 1 hours driving on the public highway. In order to pass this test you will be required to demonstrate to a Driving Standards Agency (DSA) examiner the disciplines and procedures you have been taught and that you have reached the required standard.

Module 4 (practical test)

This is a practical demonstration test. You will not be required to drive in this test but will be expected to have a good knowledge of the other duties you will be required to perform as a driver. This may include securing of the load using the correct restraining devices, daily checks of the vehicle, loading of the vehicle etc etc etc. This test consists of 5 topic areas which cover the Driver CPC syllabus. In order to pass you will have to score 15 out of 20 in each topic area (75%) and an overall score of 80%.

On completion of all 4 modules you will be issued with your Driver Qualification Card (DQC) which is valid for 5 years. Within this 5 years you will be required to complete 35 hours of Periodic Driver CPC Training and then every 5 years thereafter.

People passing their car test before the 1st January 1997 will only be required to take modules 1 and 3.

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