Category C+E Licence, also known as Class 1 or Artic

There are no further medicals or theory tests required to take this course, the C+E provisional entitlement should have been added to your licence by the DVLA when they upgraded your licence after passing the Category C.

Our standard C+E course is 5 days long with the DVSA test on the 5th day.

Passing the C+E test will allow you to drive any large goods vehicle with a trailer up to a combined weight of 44 tonnes. This may be an articulated lorry or a rigid with a trailer (wagon and drag).

Please be aware that most haulage companies operate with articulated lorries, so it makes sense to pass your test on an articulated lorry. Some training companies use wagon and drag combinations and although these are easier to drive it will reduce your chance of job opportunities.

If you passed your car test on or after the 1st January 1997 you will not have B+E (car + trailer) or C1+E (7.5 tonne + trailer) on your licence. Passing the C+E test will automatically add these categories to your licence. If you have D or D1 (PCV) on your licence, passing the C+E will also give you the entitlement to tow trailers over 750kg on these licences.

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